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Great to dance in – even when the dancer is not-so-great! | #MyStoryTold

Gwen McGaugh Groth share her beautiful photo and told her story:
I wore this dress for my daughter’s wedding a year ago. It was simply perfect! After months of searching in stores and online, I finally clicked the mouse on this one and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I try to find excuses to wear it – it was the right dress for a fundraising Mother’s Day tea in the courtyard of a historic house built in 1904. Honestly, I would wear it every day as it is so comfortable and light. 🙂

Reviews of Nataya Mother of the Bride Dress | #MyStoryTold

How to spend Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine’s Day – one more reason to remind your significant other of the special feelings that bind you. There are many ways to do Valentines day the traditional way, but this is Wardrobe Shop, so why not arrange a more unique experience? Our guide to a truly unique date with the love of your life, will not only be useful to you Valentine’s Day, but also on any other day in which you want to show your love for the one you love.

How to Spend Romantic Valentine's Day

Gorgeous Wedding in Nataya Vintage Dress | #MyStoryTold

Nataya Vintage Dress for Gorgeous Wedding
My name is Vicki Traylor. Several years ago I lost a lot of weight 170lbs. I was in a hospice fashion show and wore one of your gorgeous dresses (I bought it of course). A few months later I went on my first date with my new husband.
Real Bride in Nataya Vintage Dress

My Downton Abbey Style Dress Perfectly Reflected the Art Nouveau Style of My Son’s Wedding

Downton Abbey Style Dress by Nataya Perfectly Reflected the Art Nouveau Style of My Son's Wedding | #MyStoryToldDowntown Abbey Style Dress by Nataya for My Son’s Wedding

As I was trying to decide what to wear to my son’s upcoming wedding, my mind drifted back to my own second wedding. I had decided to throw convention to the wind and wear a Sari for the big day, as it was a second wedding, and a cream or beige seemed a tad traditional. With this in mind, I began my internet search for “Downtown Abbey Style Dresses” to match the Art Nouveau style of Sebel Playford in Adelaide, where my son’s wedding reception was going to be held.

I am known for my different sense of fashion and tend to wear bright, and uniquely eclectic clothes, so with my sons direction, we decided my garb should be a little more classic for the big event. I was a little nervous about buying online. All I knew is that the bridesmaids were set to wear plum and I wanted to complement them in photographs, but I didn’t want to revert back to my classic black ensembles that I wear when I feel I need to look more sedate.

Irish Vintage Wedding by Nataya

Irish Vintage Wedding:

I’m 60 and have met the most amazing man in the most amazing way!
I’ve been on line dating for about 5 years and have met some really great guys! I live in the North East so they are more plentiful here – I admit that. There are some jerks – but… so I just said… Next!
Irish Vintage Wedding by Nataya

The Australian Outback Vintage Wedding of Graham and Alison Bell

Vintage Wedding. My husband Graham comes from a small rural town in Western Queensland, Australia called Clifton. The Bell family have raised four generations in the town! Clifton was first settled by Europeans in the 1840s and the age of the town gave me the idea to incorporate a historical theme into our wedding day.

Initially we were going to wear ‘regular’ wedding outfits but my darling husband came up with the idea that it would be a whole lot more fun if the wedding party dressed in Victorian style clothing. Once we had the theme set everything else just fell into place.

Customer Corner — Olivia and Ken

Welcome to the first ever Customer Corner – A story of Love and Elegance!

Let us take a moment to congratulate Olivia and Ken. They were recently married in a beautiful English garden setting under a romantic white arbor and were kind enough to share their thoughts with us. Her dress was one of our favorites; a Nataya classic! Olivia wrote to us and wanted to pass along all the comments and compliments she received about her dress.

Olivia and Ken

Olivia and Ken