What color is your wedding dress?

What color is your wedding dress? Many are thinking, “well, white of course!” However, brides today may choose alternative colors for their gown. While there are no limits on which color you pick, we recommend you take a peek at the latest wedding trends for inspiration.
What Color is Your Wedding Dress

How to spend Valentine’s Day

Romantic Valentine’s Day – one more reason to remind your significant other of the special feelings that bind you. There are many ways to do Valentines day the traditional way, but this is Wardrobe Shop, so why not arrange a more unique experience? Our guide to a truly unique date with the love of your life, will not only be useful to you Valentine’s Day, but also on any other day in which you want to show your love for the one you love.

How to Spend Romantic Valentine's Day

Gorgeous Wedding in Nataya Vintage Dress | #MyStoryTold

Nataya Vintage Dress for Gorgeous Wedding
My name is Vicki Traylor. Several years ago I lost a lot of weight 170lbs. I was in a hospice fashion show and wore one of your gorgeous dresses (I bought it of course). A few months later I went on my first date with my new husband.
Real Bride in Nataya Vintage Dress

How to Write a Romantic Letter in Victorian Style

The most polished victorian letter writer may very well wish to have a little extra help when he or she is writing a loveletter. In victorian times, there were several letter writing manuals for this very purpose. The Lover’s Letter Writer offered advice on correct letter writing for every stage of a relationship (acquaintance, business, friendship, courtship, and marriage) and 66 example letters to suit every imaginable social need.

The Lover’s Casket was designed to aid even the most faint-hearted suitor in writing a romantic love letter. The Mystery of Love, Courtship and Marriage Explained (1890) also contained much useful advice, even sample letters to suit your special circumstances. Not having these particular manuals anymore, perhaps you will find this article a sufficient substitute.Victorian Letter Writing Guides: How to Write a Romantic Letter

My Downton Abbey Style Dress Perfectly Reflected the Art Nouveau Style of My Son’s Wedding

Downton Abbey Style Dress by Nataya Perfectly Reflected the Art Nouveau Style of My Son's Wedding | #MyStoryToldDowntown Abbey Style Dress by Nataya for My Son’s Wedding

As I was trying to decide what to wear to my son’s upcoming wedding, my mind drifted back to my own second wedding. I had decided to throw convention to the wind and wear a Sari for the big day, as it was a second wedding, and a cream or beige seemed a tad traditional. With this in mind, I began my internet search for “Downtown Abbey Style Dresses” to match the Art Nouveau style of Sebel Playford in Adelaide, where my son’s wedding reception was going to be held.

I am known for my different sense of fashion and tend to wear bright, and uniquely eclectic clothes, so with my sons direction, we decided my garb should be a little more classic for the big event. I was a little nervous about buying online. All I knew is that the bridesmaids were set to wear plum and I wanted to complement them in photographs, but I didn’t want to revert back to my classic black ensembles that I wear when I feel I need to look more sedate.

10 Fast Ideas to Create a Victorian Romantic Steampunk Wedding

Have you and your fiancee decided on a short engagement period? Do you still want to have the steampunk wedding your heart desires? This one time, you can have your cake and eat it too! Read on for ten tips to add the steampunk edge to your special day!

10 Awesome and Unique Fast Ideas to Help You to Create a Steampunk Wedding

Irish Vintage Wedding by Nataya

Irish Vintage Wedding:

I’m 60 and have met the most amazing man in the most amazing way!
I’ve been on line dating for about 5 years and have met some really great guys! I live in the North East so they are more plentiful here – I admit that. There are some jerks – but… so I just said… Next!
Irish Vintage Wedding by Nataya

Graceful 50’s: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn – The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes,
because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.

Why do we love Audrey Hepburn’s style? She is the queen of unique charm.
It was 50’s. Graceful, elegant and beautiful. After World War II, major changes were in the air, and fashion was chief among the effected parts of society. People started feeling more freedom in every aspect of their lives, and fashion choices multiplied at the same rate as the babies. It was one of the most interesting fashion eras in history.

Eyebrow History: How They Changed Over the Years

Iconic Styling of the Eyebrow: A Brief History

By common consent, the eyes are the most expressive part of the face, and what better to accent these windows to the soul than with a pair of elegantly styled eyebrows? Throughout eyebrow history, the definition of the perfect brow has changed considerably. Read on the eyebrow history to see some of the ways that women have adapted their eyebrows to the ever-changing whims of fashion in the past hundred years.