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Gwen McGaugh Groth share her beautiful photo and told her story:
I wore this dress for my daughter’s wedding a year ago. It was simply perfect! After months of searching in stores and online, I finally clicked the mouse on this one and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I try to find excuses to wear it – it was the right dress for a fundraising Mother’s Day tea in the courtyard of a historic house built in 1904. Honestly, I would wear it every day as it is so comfortable and light. 🙂

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How to choose an outfit for a summer party?

You will want a look that goes with the type of summer party in question. If you are meeting friends at the beach, light or bright colors and water-friendly clothes are de rigueur. A bathing suit topped with an easy to slip off beachwear dress, plus flat sandals, would be great.

How to Choose a Summer Party Outfit?

In the center of attention: The Sleeve

Designers have a great opportunity for experimentation with this one clothing component – a sleeve. A sleeve can completely change a look. It can be lengthened, shortened, decorated, cut, tied, etc. The emphasis on sleeves is very noticeable this season. Want to update your look to the newest fashion craze? Buy yourself some garments with original, unique, designer sleeves!

In the Center of Attention: The Sleeve

Which Cocktail Dress is Best?

Uh-oh! You still haven’t bought that dress for that “thing”! If you dig the cocktail dress look, but aren’t sure where to begin, here’s three different types:

Which Cocktail Dress is Best? | WardrobeShop

Trend-2017: Flounces

Cloaks, flounces, ruches: all of these are details that embody one of the most notable trends of not only the spring and summer, but also the upcoming autumn and winter seasons!

Fashion trends that include flounces, frills and ruches date back to the Middle Ages. The trend developed rapidly during the Renaissance and reached its peak during the Victorian era.












Tips for Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

For most graduates, the prom is their first formal affair. Selecting the proper evening attire for this milestone event can prove to be a challenging task. You should opt for a conservative long evening gown with a loose skirt designed in soft pastel colors. White represents new beginnings and is a common choice. Black is also a popular choice due to its versatility for accessorizing and its natural slimming effects. Avoid dresses that are too revealing and controversial. Simple equals elegance in this case.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Prom Dress

Cocktail or Evening dress?

When should you be wearing a cocktail or evening dress? It all depends on the formality of the event. It’s generally acknowledged that “cocktail hour” is from 5-7pm, and evening gowns are worn after that. But if you really want to know how long your dress should be, just ask the festival organizer.

Our Choice: A Wedding Dress in the Style of the ’20s

Ah, the luxurious life of the 1920s: the dresses, the atmosphere, and spirit of the time – and now a wave of weddings in the style of The Great Gatsby has already begun. In fact, Gatsby style belongs to the Art Deco movement of the 1920s. Let’s plunge into the luxury of the 1920s together and try to understand the peculiarities of the wedding dress in the Gatsby style.

Our Choice: The Great Gatsby Style Wedding Dress

The Heels: Pros and Cons

Heels can transform your look instantly. Wearing heels can add a stylish twist to a serious skirt or casual jeans. High heels have the ability to transform any outfit into an evening look.

The Pros and Cons of Wearing Heels

There are many advantages of wearing high heels besides the visual impact. High heels can also affect the way a person’s figure appears and their personal style. Advantages of high heels are they can:

A History of the Heel

We think the modern high heeled shoe traces its history to the Baroque era (early 17th century). According to one version, the first wearers were French officers, whose heavy, high leather boots had the key element of a set heel. The heels were necessary so that during riding, the leg could be held in the stirrup better.

Another version of the legend says that the first heels appeared at the riders of the Golden Horde of the 13th century Mongolian Empire. Heels were needed for a comfortable ride on horseback.

A History of the Heel

The first woman who appeared in public in her high heeled shoes …