How to Spice Up Your Spring/Summer Wardrobe with a Tasteful Dose of Rustic Charm

How to Spice Up Your Wardrobe with Romantic Rustic Dresses

How to Spice Up Your Wardrobe with Romantic Rustic Dresses


Simplicity, tranquility, and rawness – encountering and experiencing these three qualities today, especially in big cities, is no easy mission. City dwellers are oh so often  greeted by lifeless concrete buildings and cold hues. Perhaps this is one of the strongest reasons why rusticity has found its way into the world of home décor, the special events industry (we adore rustic weddings for they are uniquely beautiful), and of course women’s (and men’s) fashion.

Things Every Woman Should Know About Wearing Hats

Things Every Woman Should Know About Wearing Victorian Hats

Things Every Woman Should Know About Wearing Victorian Hats


A glimpse of Kate Middleton’s most iconic formal outfits is all it takes to realize that women’s hats are slowly but surely reclaiming their role as style statement pieces. Yes, thanks to the lovely Duchess of Cambridge, ladies from all over the globe can see that women’s headwear has tremendous potential to not only protect their heads from the elements, but also to add character and drama to their looks. If you don’t believe us, feel free to take a look at some of Kate’s most memorable hat moments (thank goodness Google exists).

The Secret History of Corsets That Will Shock You

“Beauty is pain,” people often say. Although we don’t agree with this popular saying (we believe that true beauty comes from within and it doesn’t ache at all), we are well aware of the fact that women nowadays endure a great deal of physical discomfort for the sake of their physical appearance. Wearing high heels, waxing unwanted facial and body hair, and “improving” certain parts of their bodies by undergoing cosmetic surgery are proofs that Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts” is sometimes true.

However, today’s women have it much easier than their female ancestors. History shows that women in the past had to suffer immensely simply because society and fashion trends dictated so. The Victorian era, for example, was one of the most unpleasant and restrictive periods of time for womanhood (to say the least), as this was when three of the most notorious women’s garments reigned mercilessly: crinolines, bustles, and, of course, corsets.

Holiday Gifts for the Bride-To-Be

There are many holidays ahead and if you’re anything like us, you’re probably already shopping for gifts for your relatives. If a girlfriend or close relative is getting married soon, this gives you a special reason to treat her to an extraordinary gift.

Choosing a memorable gift with personal meaning is not an easy task. It’s less about the money you spend than the time and thought you put into choosing the gift. Our ideas will help you find just the right gift for the bride-to-be.Holiday Presents for Future Brides

Victorian Wedding Fashion: Tradition and Preparation for the Ceremony Part II. Dress of the groom

The groom, like the bride, did not lag behind fashion and applied great care to his garb, referring to fashion magazines in search of a successful option. At the beginning of the Victorian era, the groom wore a frock coat of blue, dark red or burgundy color with a flower on the lapel. In 1865, special buttonholes appeared for this purpose. The waistcoat was usually white, and the suede trousers of lavender color, with black never an acceptable option. The chauffer and friends also wore frock coats, but with a more subdued tone. The grooms of the Wild West wore a flower from a bridal bouquet on the lapel of their best suit.

Victorian era wedding dress history: fashionable preferences of groom, tradition and freparation for the wedding ceremony

Victorian Wedding Fashion: Tradition and Preparation for the Ceremony Part I. Dress of the bride

The Victorian wedding traditions that have developed during the reign of Queen Victoria have had a big impact on how they celebrate the wedding day to this day. It was a truly intense fashion period, still inspiring designers, brides, and, of course, needlewomen.

The wedding day is the most significant event in the life of a Victorian girl. By this day, her mother had been preparing her since birth, because the Victorian girl knew no other purpose in life. She will marry, and she will marry successfully.

The easy Gatsby look in 3 simple steps

In need of an idea for a unique look at your next party? Here is a sweet one! Shining and light, The Gatsby Look is a great idea for a night of dancing or a cocktail party. Be bold with accessories and make up.

How to create a “simple” Victorian look

A really delicate and elegant Victorian Look. Layered dress with beautiful embroidery in floral motifs or lace (or both), compliment with a hand-made purse. Less cosmetics – it’s an important note.

4 Easy steps to create an Old Hollywood Movie Star Look

Old Hollywood Look that’s truly glam chic!
A shining and brilliant outfit, worthy of the red carpet. Red lipstick – an indispensable accent, just like high heels.
The star look must be supported by your role – a fatal beauty or a bohemian diva. Choose only if its for you!


Victorian Fashion: How to Pull Off an Old-school Feel with Style

The Victorian style got its name from Queen Victoria, who ruled from 1837 until her death in 1901. Though she may have lived some time ago, her fashion-forward ideas are still used. These include placing an emphasis on making a woman’s body both feminine and appealing.

England bloomed during the era as it experienced an industrial revolution as well as economic growth. This was reflected in every aspect of public life, including fine arts, literature, theater, and – of course – fashion. This prompted a huge change in the fashion industry.

How to Achieve a Modern-Day Trendy Victorian Style Look