Victorian Fashion: How to Pull Off an Old-school Feel with Style

The Victorian style got its name from Queen Victoria, who ruled from 1837 until her death in 1901. Though she may have lived some time ago, her fashion-forward ideas are still used. These include placing an emphasis on making a woman’s body both feminine and appealing.

England bloomed during the era as it experienced an industrial revolution as well as economic growth. This was reflected in every aspect of public life, including fine arts, literature, theater, and – of course – fashion. This prompted a huge change in the fashion industry.

How to Achieve a Modern-Day Trendy Victorian Style Look

The Easy Great Gatsby Inspired Look

The most impressive and festive idea for a party look definitely has to be the Gatsby inspired look! There is no other era when people danced so much and did so much to just have fun and enjoy life. Accessories turned bold and bright, and dresses became works of art with no two women wearing the same one. So why not try the Gatsby inspired look for your next party?
Here’s are a quick guide for you!

The Easy Great Gatsby Inspired Look

Dresses for bridesmaids: 4 charming ideas

For the bridesmaids, the dress is just as important as picking everything else for the bride because it brings everything together in a wedding. This outing is especially difficult because not every girl will look the same in a certain style or color, but knows at least 4 spectacular ideas so that your collaborative photos look great!
The first option is keeping the dresses one simple color. Classic bridesmaid dresses can make for a beautiful photo, but for everyone to be happy, there needs to be calmer colors like pink, blue, and lavender that can still be classic and be the perfect choice for meeting everyone’s expectations. These are the easiest to find and to order.

Bridesmaid Dresses: 4 Charming Ideas

Art Deco Style: From Ordinary to Extraordinary. Part II

Art Deco style and its elements can still be found in the collections of various designers. This look is still loved and interesting. If you want to create an image in this style, then just stick to some basic rules. The most important thing is to choose the right dress. There are many excellent examples in photos. By looking through them, you can easily recognize and understand the basis of this trend in fashion.

Art Deco Style: From Ordinary to Extraordinary Part II | WardrobeShop

Art Deco Style: From Ordinary to Extraordinary Part I

The Art Deco style movement originated in Europe, specifically in 1920’s Paris. World War I had finally ended and people were beginning to feel safer and starting to enjoy life again. Industrialization was in full swing. Clothing production began to take place in factories, but the items that were mass created seemed dull with many women disliking them. Fashion designers wanted a fresh, unique look. This passion for a return to creative fashion gave rise to a new style, Art Deco.

Art Deco Style: From Ordinary to Extraordinary

Great to dance in – even when the dancer is not-so-great! | #MyStoryTold

Gwen McGaugh Groth share her beautiful photo and told her story:
I wore this dress for my daughter’s wedding a year ago. It was simply perfect! After months of searching in stores and online, I finally clicked the mouse on this one and I couldn’t have been more pleased. I try to find excuses to wear it – it was the right dress for a fundraising Mother’s Day tea in the courtyard of a historic house built in 1904. Honestly, I would wear it every day as it is so comfortable and light. 🙂

Reviews of Nataya Mother of the Bride Dress | #MyStoryTold

How to choose an outfit for a summer party?

You will want a look that goes with the type of summer party in question. If you are meeting friends at the beach, light or bright colors and water-friendly clothes are de rigueur. A bathing suit topped with an easy to slip off beachwear dress, plus flat sandals, would be great.

How to Choose a Summer Party Outfit?

In the center of attention: The Sleeve

Designers have a great opportunity for experimentation with this one clothing component – a sleeve. A sleeve can completely change a look. It can be lengthened, shortened, decorated, cut, tied, etc. The emphasis on sleeves is very noticeable this season. Want to update your look to the newest fashion craze? Buy yourself some garments with original, unique, designer sleeves!

In the Center of Attention: The Sleeve

Which Cocktail Dress is Best?

Uh-oh! You still haven’t bought that dress for that “thing”! If you dig the cocktail dress look, but aren’t sure where to begin, here’s three different types:

Which Cocktail Dress is Best? | WardrobeShop